Sunday, February 23, 2014

Safe Surgery

The best thing that we can do as surgeon innovators is make surgery safer. Maybe its a new monitoring device.  Maybe its findings complications sooner.  Maybe its finding new ways to avoid surgery altogether, because the safest surgery is no surgery.

I see ways to make surgery safer everywhere I look.

Let's stop thermal injuries during laparoscopy.  Let's design a laparoscope that recognizes whether cautery is in the field, and only allows cautery to fire under direct vision.

Let's stop enterotomies during re-do surgery.  Let's design an adhesiolytic chemical that dissolves the adhesions, that could be injected into the abdomen before we even open the skin.

Let's stop waiting for patients to "declare themselves" after surgery.  Let's have Smart Drains that do more than drain fluid; let's have drains that tell us there is pneumoperitoneum before the patient gets septic, and tells us there's a leak before the abscess forms.

I know there are answers out there.  I searched for a place to discuss problems like these and find answers, but there wasn't anywhere.  So I made a place. This is the The Surgeon Innovator. It's a place for surgeons who dream, who imagine, who wonder and who build.

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